ROBOTIC STEELWORKS is committed to:
* Professionalism, competence and ethics in terms of all actions and business dealings
* Execute its work with integrity and sincerity and in accordance with generally accepted norms of professional conduct
* Protect the interests and confidentiality of clients & suppliers...
* ...and not disclose any information regarding business affairs, trade secrets, technical methods or processes.
* Treat clients and suppliers with fairness, respect and courtesy and foster good relations with them
* Conduct business without causing harm other than by fair commercial competitive practices
* Obey the laws, codes and business practices of any country in which it is operating
* Due regard to public safety, public health and the public interest generally
* Apply its knowledge and skill in the interests of humanity and the environment

* Willfully infringe any intellectual property rights, as designs, copyrights, trademarks, patents
* Do anything to harm the reputation of persons or other businesses
* Deny services to persons on grounds of race, ethnic or social origin, religion, culture, gender, disability
* Establish any legal entity for the purpose of avoiding disclosure in terms of common law or any legislation
* Misrepresent facts or make false statements
* Offer nor accept any bribe for the purpose of procuring business
* Gaining any other benefit, or engage in any other corrupt practice

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