Robotic Steelworks provides integrated security solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications. The company offers a complete solution, combining products, technology and service to ensure a safe and secure environment for the client.
This is especially challenging in South Africa, where safety and security is easily compromised, and where this particular industry has experienced rapid growth and high levels of competition.

Product & Service Description

One of the most challenging issues facing South Africa is safety and security. From personal safety to securing our possessions, the need for an integrated solution combining products, technology and service is paramount. The electrified palisade fence was formed to address these challenges and to provide the integrated solutions required to ensure a safe and secure environment.
South Africa is a leader in the design of security technology, software and products. Robotic Steelworks has designed and developed the Electrified Palisade Fence as well as a number of products to address security issues. These include perimeter defense monitoring and control systems software, namely Point of Entry. Robotic Steelworks also provides maintenance service contracts.

The Robotic Steelworks Electrified Palisade Fence is an electrified palisade defense and perimeter control fence that has no visible wiring and no possibility of false alarms, as the alarm cannot be triggered without a physical breech in security.

Robotic Steelworks operate within the security industry, catering for applications in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors, as well as the public sector. However, it is more profitable for the company to target those institutions requiring complete security solutions rather than just one product, and to target those that are likely to have large perimeter fencing requirements, such as commercial properties or government institutions.

Robotic Steelworks aims to differentiate its service by offering:

  1. Professional installation applying skills and experience of personnel in the provision of holistic security solutions in an efficient and effective manner.
  2. Robotic Steelworks’ 'Total Security Solution' providing access through a network of suppliers to any product required to achieve the appropriate security solution.
  3. Robust Service Level Agreement (SLA) ensuring an ongoing relationship is maintained with regard to the servicing, maintenance or upgrading of the installed products. These agreements are mandatory with the purchase of the electrical palisade fencing.
  4. Reliable products ensuring that the most effective and reliable products are selected for the customer's purposes.
  5. Unique products and services offered – this is applicable in the case of the fencing and lock products.


  •  The electrified palisade dual fence

The electrified palisade fence was designed were maximum penetration resistance was required, specifically in areas that are seldom patrolled. 

The electrified palisade dual fence consists of two sections, usually a top section of 600mm and a bottom section of 1800mm, separated by a 50mm gap in between.  Other sizes are also possible. The top section is charged with a 10,000 Volt, non-lethal pulse at 1 second intervals.  This prevents intruders from climbing over the fence, forcing them to break through the bottom section and triggering the built-in alarm function.

The electrified palisade fence can be installed with three options:

  • Top section always live.
  • Top section always live and switching bottom section live at certain times for example at night.
  • Both sections always live if in an area where it is allowed by law.
  • Top section always live switching automatically (by the system) to bottom section when system detects tampering (See Intelligent Intrusion Detection).

The electrified palisade dual fence is manufacture from steel and normally galvanized for a longer life span with a total height of 2.4m from ground level.  Paint option is also available. The panels are fastened on steel posts, planted 600mm into the ground and secured with concrete.

State of the art isolators are used during the installation process.  New-age Class 1 fire retardant isolators (1200 degrees) are used for continuity in the installation process.

The electrified palisade dual fence system can be adapted to suit a particular application, allowing it to be adapted to most architectural designs and styles.

The electrified palisade fence can be extended and integrated with a pedestrian gate or sliding gate, while the full functionality of the product is still in maintained.


  • Military grounds
  • Prisons
  • Power Stations
  • Sport Stadiums
  • Mines
  • Airports
  • Refineries
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Office Parks
  • Property Developers
  • Golf Estates and Resorts
  • Residential Homes
  •  The electrified wall extension fence

The electrified wall extension fence can be installed on any existing brick wall, weather it is a single or double brick wall and also on existing precast walling.  The wall extension fence is an adaption of the palisade dual fence concept.  Wall extension fences are not only strong and robust, but also offer maximum protection and are permanently electrified with 10,000 non-lethal volts.

  •  Electrified muscle mesh range

This range consists of electrified heavy duty robust muscle-mesh ideal for enclosing high security areas and key point installations.  Fibre optic is recommended for this transmission and is the medium of choice, particularly in areas of high lightening.

Intersections are electrically welded to form and integral and impenetrable, non-collapsible barrier.  Mesh apertures are too small to allow footholds.  Muscle-mesh panel fencing system combines shape and panel strength for a pleasing see through perspective.

The electrified mesh products:

  • Electrified Mesh Dual-Fence
  • Electrified Mesh Wall Top
  • Electrified Mesh Security Gates
  • Electrified Mesh Cladding to an existing fence
  •  Intelligent Intrusion Detection and Energizer Communication

Robotic Steelworks’ electrified fences, comply with SABS and government regulations regarding the non-lethality of electric fences.  These regulations stipulates that electric fences may not carry an electric current in a continuous manner and must also be stand-alone fences, not contained with another fence.  Our electrified palisade fences are designed to contain both an electric circuit and an alarm circuit.  These fences have the ability to sense an “attack” on the fence and then turn the specific section being attacked from a passive alarm circuit to an active alarm circuit, while also triggering an alarm.

In other words, our electrified palisade fence systems have the ability to turn on the active current in the lower section under attack conditions and also trigger a variety of alarms at the same time.

Areas which require a high level of control and flexibility, accountability of the operators, detailed real time reporting, and recording and monitoring of the system. The Fence Probe package is a graphical user interface for supporting any number of Sage platforms. Utilizing the snmp protocol, network management becomes operator independent. A log of all events is recorded automatically. Multiple means of access and control of the security system can be achieved by a computer on the Network

Advantages of the Wireless Intelligent Intrusion Detection and the Platform for Stealth:

  • Full control and accountability
  • All events recorded
  • Wireless sensors
  • Power on demand
  • Stand-alone system
  • Solar powered
  • Graphical user interface
  • A multiple of TCP/IP internet
  • Synchronized energizers
  • Access and control via mobile phones, PDA’s and the internet.

Synchronizing Energizers:

There is no better electric fence solution better than multiple energizers being connected to different portions of the perimeter fence. The simple network management protocol (snmp) enables network management without human intervention.
The site requires zoning with centralized control, and yet maintaining the reliability and flexibility of separate energizers running each individual sectors (2 zones).

Communicating between energizers, Fibre optic is recommended for this transmission and is the medium of choice, particularly in areas of high lightening incidences.

Multiple sites can be managed with this option if connected to the Internet.

The site at the Residential Estate and the graphic control interface; the Power-Barriers fence on the northern boundary has gone into an alarm condition and has changed its colour from green to red.

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