Here you find information, why it is important to look at the quality of palisade fences.
Further we supply you with our product specifications & sizes, and general hints for installation.
1. Standards Steel Palisade Fences
2. Quality of steel, the difference between hot rolled & cold rolled (bent) angles
3. Hot Dip Galvanizing of Palisades
4. Palisade Sizes
5. Wall Spikes Sizes

6. Hints for installation


Equal Angle Iron, hot rolled, commercial quality (structural steel):
All palisades are manufactured with structural equal leg angle iron.
Steel Grade: Commercial Quality C 0,30% max.
Tolerances: ISO R657 v. 1976
Material Indentification Certificate complies with DIN50049 3.1B and BS EN 10204 3.1B

Hot dip Galvanizing:
SABS* ISO 1461
*= South African Bureau of Standards

Panel Sizes & Measurements:
See Section 4, below


When you buy any fence products from us, you can be sure that you get palisade fences made up with HOT ROLLED ANGLE IRON (material thickness either 2mm or 2.5mm, other thickness only for large orders).

During the production process in the steel plant e.g. Highveld Steel, Iscor, the steel is rolled in red hot condition into angle iron, and then cooled down to normal temperatures. Hot rolled angle iron is structural steel.
These are the advantages of hot rolled angle iron:
a.) It's measurements are accurate and based on the norm and determined by the 'South African Bureau Of Standards' (SABS).
That means: when you buy a panel from us, e.g. 3m wide x 2m high, 40x40x2mm angel iron, you can rely on the fact that the angle's are to SABS standards.
b.) Another very important point: The physical properties (molecular structure) of the angle iron is of such nature, that it can only be bent by heavy forces. If you try to bend it by hand or with a hammer, the angle iron is elastic and goes back into it's original position. That means: Hot rolled angel iron is elastic up to a certain point (elastic limit). The physical properties of hot rolled angle iron is regulated by the SABS
c.) The material is strong & long lasting
d.) As the material is strong, it provides a good surface for galvanizing. Refer to our BOLTED PALISADE FENCE, which are as well available as galvanized panels.

The advantages of hot rolled angle iron Bolted Palisade Fence:
Economical transportation throughout South Africa
Containers can be filled up to capacity (weight limit) especially for export!!!
Quality product, especially for export!!!
No stacking necessary on uneven ground and same gap at the bottom of fence
Hole fence can be dismantled and re-erected at other locations 
Therefore no waste
Easy to install

Cold rolled angle is made out of OFF CUTS from sheet metal coils.
Sheet metal coils are used e.g. in the automotive industry for pressing the body parts of the car (bonnets, doors). For this purpose, the sheet metal has to be soft.
Some other fence manufacturers use these soft strips for another purpose than it is made for. They bend it in cold condition to angles, to make pales for palisade fences.

These are the disadvantages of  cold rolled angle:
a.) No institution in South Africa regulates the strength and measurements of these angles
b.) The spikes can be bent easily with the thumb
c.) The pales (uprights) can be bent open between the top and bottom cross bar, Housebreakers bend the pales of the fence easily and slip through the gap
d.) Cold rolled steel corrodes easily because the steel pieces are oil treated. When you buy these fences, the oil is never properly removed. Disadvantage: paint does not stick on oily surfaces, and the paint will peel off after a short time.
e.) Even galvanized cold rolled fences can corrode, as galvanizing is a different kind of coating only. Should the pales get bent there is a break in the surface and corrosion starts.
f.) Flanges of the angles are not accurate (we experienced tolerances up to 8mm)
g.) In the long run cold rolled angles are therefore more expensive and bring the industry into discredit of delivering bad quality (corrosion of palisade fences, inaccurate and weak angles).


Robotic Steelworks provides on customers request Hot Dip galvanized Palisade Fences, Wall Extension Palisades, Wall Spikes & Shark-Teeth Spikes. The galvanizing is carried out to SABS ISO 1461 (SABS 763) standards.
Depending on the area within South Africa guarantees are available up to 15 years.
For galvanized palisades our hot rolled angle iron Bolted Palisade Fences are an ideal solution because of these reasons:
No welding involved, therefore no lapse of guarantee
The most economical size of 3m width possible without double dipping
For Single dipping cheaper rates are applicable than for double dipping
Guarantee applicable depending on the area within South Africa
Excellent adhesion is obtained through metallurgical bonding
There is no drying (cure) time needed before use
The coating is tough and as thick as the general surface at vulnerable corners, providing equal protection
As site coating is not necessary, erection time is considerably reduced
Low initial costs compared to paint systems. Paint application is very labour intensive
Paint application requires stringent on site inspection and control 
Hot Dip Galvanizing is factory applied, closely controlled process
Hot Dip Galvanizing to SABS ISO 1461 (SABS 763) is maintenance free

Corrosion Protection
Hot Dip Galvanizing protects steel in two ways:
Barrier protection by the provision of a corrosion resistant barrier
Sacrificial protection of any damaged areas. This prevents under film attacks

Performance of Hot Dip Galvanizing - Guideline, with average coating of 110nm
Description Severity of Corrosion Corrosion Rate uncoated Mild Steel Zinc Coating Loss
usually less than 50m from H.W.M.
usually 50m to 1km from H.W.M.
1km to 40km from sea
40km to100km from sea
Urban Inland
Urban Coastal
Severe Marine
Average Marine
Mildly Marine
Marine Industrial
200-300 nm/year
10-20 nm/year
less than 10nm/year
less than 5nm/year
10-30 nm/year
50-150 nm/year
> 30nm/year
15-30 nm/year
< 0.8 nm/year
< 0.5 nm/year
5-15 nm/year

Quantity of Pales Panel 40x40 [mm] Element [m] Panel 30x30 [mm] Element [m] Panel 25x25 [mm] Element [m]
1 280 266 236
2 450 0.5m 421 371
3 620 576 506 0.5m
4 790 731 641
5 960 1.0m 886 776
6 1130 1041 1.0m 911
7 1300 1196 1046 1.0m
8 1470 1.5m 1351 1181
9 1640 1506 1.5m 1316
10 1810 1661 1451 1.5m
11 1980 2.0m 1816 1586
12 2150 1971 2.0m 1721
13 2320 2126 1856
14 2490 2.5m 2281 1991 2.0m
15 2660 2436 2.5m 2126
16 2830 2591 2261
17 3000 3.0m 2746 2396 2.5m
18 2901 3.0m 2531
19 2666
20 2801
21 2936 3.0m
Gap between pales
Center-center pale
Angle Gap Angle Center-Center
30x30 110mm 30x30 155mm
25x25 100mm 25x25 135mm
Wall Spikes
Spike length [mm]
Element length [mm]
(14 spikes total)
long (L): 110
short (S): 50
(14 spikes total)
long (L): 125
short (S): 80
(12 spikes total)
long (L): 170
short (S): 90

Should you want to install the palisade fences yourself, here are a few hints:
Do not plant all the posts first, and then insert the palisade fences in-between. Rather plant two posts, weld a palisade panel, plant one post, weld a palisade panel, and so on
Weld steel pieces (anchors) on the bottom of the posts, so that nobody can pull them out after the concrete has dried out. Please note: our posts include the flat pole cap & the bottom mounting anchors
When you plant the posts, use a water level
If you need a gate, and you have never welded before, rather ask us, we can manufacture the gate(s) for you
If you still want to weld something yourself, remove all thinners & paint from the welding place, as thinners / paint might catch fire from welding sparks
Should it rain, or the ground is wet, do not use electricity
Secure any electrical extensions and cables so that nobody can step on it
Use only proper electrical devices
Looking in a welding arc can cause serious damages to the eyes, wear a proper welding helmet
Cut steel is very sharp, to avoid injuries, wear thick leather gloves during handling and installation
Do not rush, accidents occur then
Please note: welding is a trade. There are many more things to know. If you want quality work, it is better, if the job is done by a professional
Our H. R. BOLTED PALISADE FENCE is easy to install, if you want to avoid welding, rather go for this option.

Please note: we do not take any responsibility for any damage or injuries whatsoever.

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