Razor wireRazor wire is manufactured using a central core of high tensile wire around which a tape of razor sharp barbs is machine crimped. Razor wire is a very strong, versatile, high security fencing mesh designed to protect you and your property from unwanted factors, without marring the appearance of the property. It is exceedingly difficult to cut and bend and therefore it is an extremely effective low cost security product.

The benefits of razor wire:

Extremely difficult to crush or cut
Hard to climb
Can serve as a “fence topping” on an existing fence
Powerful security barrier

We offer two types of razor wire, namely:

- Concertina Razor Wire, or Cross Type Razor Wire has continuous spirals which are clipped together at various intervals with heavy duty clips.
- Flat Wrap Razor Wire is a free standing fence, has a flat construction and does not overhang.

Both Cross Type Razor Wire and Flat Wrap Razor Wire are available in all sizes.

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