Mechanical Engineering & Robotics for the Metal & Automotive industries. Manufacture of Tooling & Fixtures; Robotics 3D Plasma Cutting, Robotics Welding & Handling.

ROBOTIC STEELWORKS with its comprehensive experience in Mechanical Engineering & Robotics offers tailor made automation solutions for robotics production lines: most notably the manufacture of high precision fixtures as jigs, tooling, grippers & docking stations; Installations and Project Management. The most important clients are the Metal & Automotive Industries in South Africa.
Our successful design is based on:

Prototype design and development in our workshop
Test running on our robotics machines
Improving of prototype to optimized operating condition, according to the quality standards of the client
And implementation at the client's premises for successful production without delay.

In 2000 ROBOTIC STEELWORKS opened another division, manufacturing a number of cutting edge products in an unique way with robotics. Most notably:
Spiked Steel Palisade Fences (RAZOR & EXRA-RAZOR Palisade)
H.R. Bolted Palisade Fences
Galvanised inflexible Wall tops (SHARK-TEETH Spikes)

The efficiency and accuracy of the robotics process resulted in the best prices, top quality and the biggest selection of different products on the local and export market.

The most advanced manufacturing facility for Steel Palisade Fences in Rosslyn, North of Pretoria.

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